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He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.--St Fancis of Assisi

Darlene Kulig Artist Your process is mesmerizing, meditative and magical! What a wonderfully satisfying collaboration. I LOVE the music in the video. Thank you Fadia and Akram for sharing your warmth and vision

Dear Akram, I am writing to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the Steeler's logo for my best friend's Christmas present from me.  I appreciate you getting it done in time and it looks absolutely spectacular!!! I delivered it to my buddy Mark's house and took it downstairs to his bar area where it is going to be installed into the wood floor and I walked him down the stairs with his eyes closed... He was so incredibly surprised and excited you can only imagine!!! He said "this is the nicest gift anyone has ever given him".  Wow!!!You made my day and a very important and memorable event in my life!!!
Have a Merry Christmas :)
Best regards,
Clinton Howell, President

A great class, enjoyed learning the technique of mosaic, it was a lot of fun using the small tiles ( thoughtmosiac course it may be more chalanging to use) and the look was amazing. The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable, appreciated his expertise and insight !! He made himself available to guide/spend time with each student at every class. Thank you for your fantastic course!
Dr. jackie Colello March 2012

Akram is the bestinstructor! He provides ample one-on-one attention to help his students. He explains all of the steps in a way that is easy to understand. His passion and exitement for mosaic ensured that every student in the class had a positive experience.Perfect! Very good pace of learning. Fantastic! I can't believe that I made a piece of art that I am so proud of, and can't wait to hang it up ! Amazing
Melissa Roberts March 2012


Jacquie absolutely loved the jewellery Fadia's helped me create... I never saw her more excited about it... even when I used to give her "real"  gold and stones! Please thank Fadia!. Peace

Dr. Helene Moussa

Good morning,

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your wife for a very enjoyable afternoon. I learned a great deal from both of you and am very excited to move forward in the art of mosaic.

Have a great day!

Susan Heath

Instructor is very knowledgable, passionate about his art, loved coming to class, very enjoyable, would like to continue, final product is better than I thought it would be.
Cora Selles March 2012

Akram you rock!
Bashir khansar March 2012
Instructor is wonderful, very enthusiastic and encouraging, very happy about it, great beginner project,Mosaic workshop will certainly do it again .
Tara McKeen march 2012

Loved the workshop, teachers/owners are VERY patient and are experts in their field.
Groupon customer Nov. 2011
I am so grateful to Glass Mosaic Canada in Toronto, who host such a wonderful, creative and inspiring atmosphere. Thank you Fadia & Akram!!
Dianne Bassett

All the participants at St.ark's Museum thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and your enthusiastic and encouraging teaching style.
Helene Moussa, Curator

The mosaic course was really amazing. I really learned a lot. The instructor was very helpful. He made the class runGroup workshop smoothly and had a lot of interesting timbits to add. I certainly would like to take another course down the line.

I enjoyed this class very much. It provided many valuable techniques and skill development. The instructor was excellent.
Akram shared his knowledge and skills and provided guidance as we progressed through our projects. I look forward to additional classes. 
Thank you for a great class!

I really enjoyed the class. I thought the instructor was knowledgeable and helpful.Thank you for a good time!
Jennifer Telfeyan

Very knowledgeable instructor who was able to guide and make suggestions in a positive and enthusiastic way. fun.have fun create and design mosaic finished products were amazing. i'm addicted to it. We love Akky

Fadia is very patient with students, gave us lots of short cuts and easy techniques
Shirley rickard

instructor is very knowledgeable and talented so I think we learned a lot from this course, we learned how to do mosaic as an art not as a craft which is good. it was fun to be here and I learned how doing mosaic can be relaxing and calming, it teaches you patient and it develops creativity, I would take similar / more advanced course in the future.
This was a very informative class. Akram is a very good teacher. I would be interested in future classes but in theArt with mosaic evening.
Gail White
Thank you very much for teaching mosaics. I was inspired to start another small project- working on making a picture frame into a mosaic for my recently born niece. I'm glad to take home a piece of art ...Thank you!

Great instructions, very good teacher, nice people in the class, I enjoyed this course very much, would take more in the future
This class was interesting and the people in the class are what made it. Akram was very easy to ask questions and was always willing to share his ideas
Susan Gilchrist
The mosaic class was great. I got a lot of enjoyment from it and I will be coming back for another class. Our teacher Akram was a great teacher and had a great sense of humour. Also met a great group of people.
Bonnie Huber

life would not be complete if I wasn't continuing to take courses. is run by the Gabras'; a wonderful couple who are passionate about the art of mosaics. Tonight is class night! Can't wait.

I started a class about 3 weeks ago, learning the how-tos of the ancient art of mosaics. I have been doing mosaic art for about 10 years however never with tiles, only cut glass. I love the intensity of tile work simply because it is truly like a giant puzzle. Cutting a tile the exact dimension of a space, then working it in by colour, texture and design. I am making mistakes, which is great. The teacher, Akram Gabra points out things in my mosaics that I just can't see. On Thursday I disagreed with the lines of the tail of my fish (see photo) but on a second look, I agree it looks weird and the tail should flow more from the body. I will have to chisel out the tiles. I believe truly that we learn more from our mistakes.
I'm enjoying my classmates too. They are a lively group and we gather around the table and do our projects, chatting away. I've always ascertained that the mosaics are like a giant quilting bee, only with tile or glass. The conversations are interesting and I will definitely sign up for the second go-round before the summer season kicks in and everyone enjoys warm weather.
Although I've been doing glass mosaics for over 10 years, I decided this year that I would take a "real" mosaic class, learning the art the way it was done thousands of years ago. Interestingly, while at the RE/MAX sponsored home show, I met Akram Gabra of Glass Mosaic Canada ( What first captured my eye was the fabulous tile Marilyn Monroe featured in his booth. The work is so intricate, so beautiful, so detailed, I can't begin to tell you. The piece is featured (left) but it does not capture the true magnificance of the workmanship and the time involved to do something like this. I signed up for his classes the next day. To be honest, at the beginning, I found the work labourious. Tile is very different from glass. Essentially you have more control when working with glass as it is finer. Akram's wife Fadia, gently guided us through the first phase which is doing the drawing and then starting the tile work. She is lovely and kind. Both Fadia and Akram have artistic spirits-they love what they do and are making a go of it in their shop on The Queensway. Today was my second class. I'm a convert-it's not that I won't work with glass anymore-I have thousands of pieces that have been donated from various stained glass studios, however, I like trying something different. There are going to be classes offered whereby you can learn how to do faces. I think I'd like to do a mosaic of my son when he was very little. Also, of course, Elmo Bower (dog).
Check out the beautiful Marilyn and see for yourself. If an old art form interests you, the classes are on-going and the teaching is terrific.
Cheryl Bower

Good day Mr. Akram Gabra,
My lovely neighbour Lesa Berec and her husband Peter purchased one of your amazing and complex glass works last year as a wedding gift. Initially we placed in our home's backyard facing windows, but after purchasing a place in the Quebec Laurentians, your piece was the first to be moved and setup in Quebec. It is hard to describe the setting other than ideal. We have placed the piece in a large picture window where the light changes every hour and the piece changes colour along with the time. Beams of colour shoot throughout the house at various times of the day. Birds zoom by and we hope our placement has done it justice. With the lush green forest as a backdrop, your piece and its combination of colours and textures has found a wonderful home. Thank you so much for the artistry. Regards,
Chris Fugle & Marc Durocher


Dear Akram,
I would like to thank you again for the wonderful instruction that you gave Kids art workshopme on Saturday and for getting me started on my daughters table. I absolutely love doing it as it keeps me busy but is relaxing. My husband has been watching like a hawk and is starting to talk about trying a small project himself.
Shannon Sellers

Fadia is very patient and confidence, she is not only exeptional artist but also a very good teacher
Patricia Fox

WOW> Looking at your work I feel like I have answered the question I often have when standing in modern basilicas "who does this stuff these days?" Now I know! People like you! Very nice Akram!
Erin Haworth

Your work is very beautiful, I enjoy observing it.
Laurie Gilson

- Akram, I was extremely satisfied with the mosaic class I took at your studio. Your passion for your art and for sharing it with others is evident in the quality of your teaching. You are a true artist. I enjoyed my learning experience and hope to return for other classes whenever I'll be in Toronto again. I highly recommend Glass Mosaic Canada on The Queensway for their professionalism and quality of instruction.
Joanne Dero

- This was my first time that i tried Mosaic. I had a lot of fun,Akram was very helpful teacher.
Yuko Tanaka

Akram is an excellent mentor in stained glass, very knowledgable in this subject matter, with passion for his projects, we have been priveledged to be under his tutelage.
Theresa Hudson, Burlington

- Hello from Toronto! Im still here until Thursday. Thank you very much for the informative
class you gave us and the wonderful Tea. I look forward to you coming to Arizona one day and will embrace the opportunity when you do! Thank You again and enjoy all your travels this summer as well. I Loved the class!,

Laura Walker (Arizona)


- I enjoyed the moasic course very much and would be interested in making a moasic course for outside project in future,friendly instructor , helpful and give good suggestions. It was a very nice class atmosphere and work in this added my love of working and playing with this medium.
Connie pushee


- Relaxing atmosphere ,choice of materials ,finished product achived,would like to continue.Public school mosaic course
Diane Leckie


- General interest in mosaic fun and relaxing.
Ruth Chayko

- Feel confident enough to be able to work on future mosaic projects independently.
Priya Dhananjay

- In its best and beond religion, talented kids, great job every one. (commenting on a mosaic project done byStained glass workshop student'group).
clair Tawfilis


- Words cannot describe how impressed I am . I give a standing ovation to all artists involved!
Katrin Aziz

- I enjoyed looking at your work...wonderful detail and color!
Dawn Mendelson


I think that this is very impressive... great talent and great use of it.
Dr. John Agzarian


- Mosaic was really fun and intresting, it was some thing new, thanks to all
Sylvia Agaibi

- I immediately like the unusual textural patterns that you create with loose and tight-fitting pieces.


- Mosaic was unbelivable experience!
Meriham Mikhaeal


- This was very inspiring and fun! I would definitely recommend it to others. Akram was a great teacher, very encouraging, creative and knowledgeable!
Helen McDonald




- This course was fun and formative. Our mosaic creations ( the entire classes) are absolutely beautiful.Thank you Akram for your patience and kindnessand for sharing your love of mosaics with us!
Lorraine Dick




- I found the course very pleasent and informative. A lot of positive feedback and support from all participants and the instructor made it something to look forward to each week. it is a very nice group of ladies ...and guy. Thanks!
Alison wiskel




- Good course, very informative, learned techiques and ideas which was the point for me!
Katie Cyr




- I am very happy with the course and with the outcome of hard work. I also hoped that we could have had enough time to be as talented as Akram. Thank you for sharing with us. I had a great time and will continue to use the skills I've learned!
Marsha Paley




- I really enjoyed the five weeks of the mosaic course. I feel I learned a lot and I loved the final product. Overall great job akram!
Marrianne Paley

- Akram was very helpful and gave clear instructions, it was relaxing to create each week. i really enjoyed the course!

Bethany Walker




- I was surprised how well my mosaic turned out over the five weeks, I learned enough to make a beautiful piece. thanks akram for the great instructions and fun atmosphere!


- This course exceeded all expectations. akram is a super teacher, very knowledgable and encouraging. under his instructions everyone make a masterpiece. i look forward to the advanced course!
Jill Attack




- Awesome class! Great instruction, I love a new addiction! !
Donna Stares


- I love the work of mosaic art each time I see it, you have a wonderful gift and it"s great how you are sharing this with so many, akram may the Lord continue to bless your outreach through your art, and all you do.!
Doris Nessim

- The Course was excellent, akram was very encouraging, every person did something different which madeboat the course intresting, i received lots of help which I apprciated.

- The course was very hands on, Akram was very encouraging and pushed us to think of new ways to achieve intresting results.

- Instructor was extremely knowledgable, loved the course, will probably continue with another course, will definetly attempt more mosaic projects on my own.
Suzan MaCleod

- I am looking forward to your workshop in mosaic and apprciate you volunteering your time, I think this will be a very stimulating and rewarding opportunity for the Day program participants.
Cheer Curshen/Expressive Arts Therapist at Dorothy Ley Hospicemosaicos

- On behalf of the Child Life department I would like to thank you for your support. The child life program at Sickkids focuses on the social and emotional impact that hospitalization and illness can have on patients and families. Child Life Specialists use play and child development knowledge to promote effective coping strategies, prepare and educate children about their hospital experience, and create a normal enviroment where can grow, learn and play. Your donation of the mosaic workshop made it possible for us to bring joy and comfort to the patients at Sickkids. The patients loved creating their mosaic masterpiece. It was great for us to be able to provide sign up for mosaic coursethem with a fun activity that took their mind off being in the hospital and let them be kids! Your gifts and thoughtfulness enhance the hospital enviroment for the patients here at Sickkids and enable us to create opportunities for children to learn, grow and to be a child. Thank you for believing in Sickkids!!
Caron Irwin/ Child Life Specialist

Akram and Fadia,
I’m knocked over!!! What a fabulous piece of art! Thank you so much for suggesting it to Peter, I absolutely LOVE it! Right now it is hanging right inside our front entrance. It is particularly spectacular when the light streams through it so we are going to repaint the living room and ultimately hang it in our front window.
Lesa Berec

Amazing experience , had loads of fun and the instructors were great and friendly! Would go again for a mosaic experience next.
GroupOn customer

I'm glad I learned about this class through Groupon. I really enjoyed learning about the art of mosaic; it was the perfect intro and I hope to do more of it in the future!
BuyTopia Customer
Very nice people and extremely helpful
Loved the class!! Instructor was knowledgeable and very friendly!! Would do again!
Personable, funny teacher, good location, lots of fun.
Comment after two hours stained glass workshop


Hello Akram. Thank you for the class today. I did enjoy the challenges, and will definitely be back some time. I finished my boat when I got home...picture attached. I'm very pleased with the results, delighted to have learned something new that I can keep on trying!

Enjoy the long weekend.



Mr Akram Gabra

I would like to thank you for your help and your good customer services !
I receive the Post Canada ship notification for my order. Thank again
Yves Lavoie

What better way to spend a Valentine's Day double date than with good family and friends making traditional Stained Glass in the Ancient Gothic technique. This workshop was amazing so much fun. We made The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Each one took about 4 hrs to make. I have a new appreciation for this form of Art!  
Aaron De Sousa


Hello Fadia and Akram,
Thank you very much a heart warming workshop. I really enjoyed it.
Reminded me of my hometown Sochi in Russia
Thank you! Kristina Zarembo


Lesa Berec wrote on April, 2017: Couldn't resist this beautiful mosaic. Looking at it makes me happy. for the mosaic piecw below , sold for $425


Dear Fadia,I wanted to thank you for a fabulous time on Saturday. We all are very excited about the projects we started and eager to see how they will come to life when they are completed. We really appreciated your attention to detail and your desire to make the art work something we would love. Warm regards, Erika Krett

Spent 2 days with the most delightful people, sharing their knowledge

November 29, 2022 ,