Mosaic and Stained Glass Expert

About Us

  • Participant in One of a Kind Show in Toronto
  • Completing the Artist Educator Program at the Royal Conservatory for arts in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Hi! We're Akram and Fadia Gabra, husband-and-wife multi-disciplinary artists with a passion for art. We established our art studio, Gabra Studios, in 1984, having studied architecture - "The Mother Of All Arts". We came to appreciate and explore art in many of its forms, and we have great respect for its elements. We have worked with different mediums and produced art pieces enjoyed by many for over 3 decades.

Mosaic art has been our passion for over 20 years. We currently own and operate a mosaic & stained glass studio in Etobicoke, Ontario, in the west end of Toronto, where we teach the art of mosaic and stained glass. We also create masterpieces for sale and on commission for clients all over Canada, in addition to providing mosaic and stained glass supplies and tools to consumers.

Having the Pharaohs as our ancestors, where Mosaic art came to life and where stained glass was first produced over 4,000 years ago for all civilizations to enjoy, we have been exposed to countless masterpieces of mosaic art all across the Mediterranean region where it has flourished, including Italy, Alexandria, Jerusalem and Jordan. We have come to master the beautiful tradition of one of the first forms of art known to man.

Glass Mosaic Canada is a Toronto-based company run by a talented team inspired by a love for the ancient mosaic art form. We established the company to make techniques, high-quality supplies, services and support readily available to mosaic artisans, art students and aspiring recreational artists.

We choose mosaic colours considering it to be our paint, applying it in different techniques, just as the painter mixes colours on a palette and uses them to paint on canvas. The possibilities are endless. Besides our art creations, custom work is our specialty - we would be delighted to consult with you or your designer on special projects that bring mosaic art to your office or living space.

Mosaic is an artform with a long and glorious history. For thousands of years, people have enjoyed mosaic works in public areas such as libraries, museums, churches, hospitals, universities, walkways and airports - look around, you'll find mosaics almost everywhere you look. Mosaics in public spaces are equally as pleasurable on a more intimate scale, such as colourful stepping stones in your garden, a delicate wall decoration in your bathroom or a free standing sculpture in your living room.

Our Mosaic and Stained Glass workshops are the idea place to start making glass art. Run by professional artists, classes are suitable for beginners and experienced artists who wish to expand their knowledge. Working with glass is a wonderful and rewarding hobby and can be turned into a profession after finishing your guaranteed-sellable art pieces with Glass Mosaic Canada.

The tools and techniques for making mosaics are simple, and the process appeals equally to adults and kids. The materials needed are fairly inexpensive, making it ideal for any individual or family to discover the hidden artists within. At Glass Mosaic Canada, we offer different mosaic courses in a variety of skill levels and we provide a wide selection of authentic mosaic tiles, very rich medium to work with. Our water-based grout, adhesive, sealer and primer are manufactured specifically for Mosaic work, using the highest quality materials that will enhance your project. Our precision cutting tools are designed for easily cutting and nipping small glass, ceramic and Smalti tiles.

A glass mosaic is a stunning addition to any living space, giving it warmth, vibrant colours and light reflection that can last for centuries without losing its colour. The natural materials used in mosaic are the ideal complement to the uniform, geometric qualities of modern architecture, even though it is as ancient as a Roman bath. There is no limit to the possibilities in mosaic - the staff at Glass Mosaic Canada are dedicated to helping you realize your design dreams.

We have taught mosaic and stained glass courses in a variety of venues for a variety of clients, including:

  • Burlington Art Centre
  • AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)
  • Redeemer University College 
  • Royal Botanical Garden in Hamilton
  • Duffrin Peel Catholic School Board Continuing Education
  • Peel District School Board
  • Canadian Coptic centre in Mississauga
  • The Hospital of Sick Children  Toronto
  • Trillum Health centre
  • The Mississauga Angelic Arts Academy 
  • St. Jerome Prison (minimum security jail in Quebec)

In The News

We have been the subject of articles in a number of publications, including:

  • Learning the Ancient Art of Mosaic ( Toronto Star)
    The history of mosaic is a long and glorious one. Archaeologists are continually unearthing fascinating pieces of this art form dating back thousands of years. And mosaics continue to live all around us - in libraries, churches, hospitals, universities, airports and everywhere else you turn. Glass Mosaic Canada is ensuring this timeless art remains just that. The Etobicoke-based company, run by a talented team inspired by a love of the art form, brings techniques, high-quality supplies, services and support to mosaic artisans and mosaic art students. In addition to hosting classes at their location at 686 The Queensway, they also take their teachings to public schools, art centres, SickKids Hospital, The Dorothy Ley Hospice and wherever else it will inspire. They make it easy to learn the ancient art of mosaic the traditional way. To learn more, visit or call 416-252-TILE (8453). 

  • Mosaic Adds Creative Spin
    People are always looking to add a creative spin to their kitchen, either by rebuilding one from scratch or adding a decorative touch. The backsplash is the key to a beautiful kitchen as it serves as the main focal point. It unites the countertop with the cabinets and the flooring into one artistic theme that reflects your style, decor and favourite colours. Since we can never overlook the time spent in this part of the house, it must be relaxing. Without a doubt, a mosaic backsplash will liven up any kitchen and add an artistic flair in a unique and beautiful way.

    At Glass Mosaic Canada, you can create your own backsplash. They can teach you how easy it is to do, or they can design and prepare a mosaic backsplash for you with easy-to-follow instructions for installation. They even offer installation themselves. The art of making mosaic is itself a way to manage stress and achieve relaxation. For more details, call 416-252-TILE (8453) or visit


There are some mosaic associations you should consider joining. All are useful for contacts, exhibitions and news letters.

BAMM: British Association for Modern Mosaics
SAMA: Society of American Mosaic Artists
MAANZ: Mosaic Association of Australia