Fused Glass

Fused Glass

We have big selection of Murano Fused Glass Jewllery, Coasters, Plates and can do custom fused glass.

Warm glass : Is a process of using a kiln to join together pieces of glass. It was the primary method for making small glass objects for 2000 years until glass blowing took over. Heat softens glass, more heat change it to fluid, pieces stick togetherPreparing glass for jewelery making forming one solid piece; if it is heated and cooled properly.
Warm glass is a general term for:

Fusing, is glass fired in a kiln from 593°c to 816°c
is glass fired at a temp. 593°c to 677°c
is glass fired at temp. 677 to 732°c

The History of glass fusing is not certain although there is archeological evidence that the Egyptians were familiar with it in 2000 BC, some say the Romans were much more prolific glass workers, and until today they sit at the top of the art of glass fusing and blowing process. Glass fusing slowed down when the blow pipe was invented and gained popularity in early 20th century in Venice Italy. Murano glass is the most famous fused glass in the world.
Terms used in the glass fusing process

Full fuse: Heating pieces of glass until they become one
: Heating pieces of glass until they are just sticking together.
: Heating glass or already fused pieces until it is soft enough to bend or take the Shape of a mold.
: Raking a tool across molten glass at a temp of 1650°f to 1750°f to change the way it looks.
Fire polishing
: Softening the edges of pieces of glass under 1300°f to 1400°f.
Kiln casting
: Melting small pieces of glass in a mold under 1500°f to 1600°f
Pate de verre
: Fusing a paste made with small pieces of glass inside a mold at 1300°f to 1500°f
Glass casting
: melting liquid glass in a mold at 1500°f to 1700°f

What do you need to get started?
Glass: all glass types can be fused, however if you intend to fuse different pieces from different sheets of glass, you have to use glass that is compatible, that
have the same properties such as system 96 or 90.

Kiln: There are different sizes and qualities in the market for home and commercial use to choose from.
You also need a kiln shelf, if slumping you need different molds, fiber paper or kiln wash so that the glass won’t stick to the shelf in the process, a good glass
utter, goggles, and heat resistant gloves.

3 Days course / 1.5 Hours each day

First day         Learn how to cut glass.
Second day   design and cut your own jewllery pieces.
We will fire your jewlleries

Third day      Add findings to your jewllery either pendents or earings 
Cost:   $199 plus materials 
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